Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer

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Structural durability and longevity terials and conserving natural resources. Strategies include: thin Extending the service life of a building is very helpful in achiev- shell structures, bubble deck for reducing concrete volume, cas- ing the sustainability goals as it reduces the share of the embodied tellated steel beams, post-tensioned concrete structures, high energy per year of building use.

Therefore, designing buildings for strength materials etc.

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Analysing building demolitions he discovered that only year. This philosophy can result structural systems. Structural durability is often more of an issue in lack of resilience and robustness in the structures, which is the for bridges and other civil structures where the structural system main reason for the widespread damage to structures. Addition- is exposed to the elements without any protection.

However, even ally, with the adoption of probability-based ultimate strength de- for the bridges, the average age at replacement is 68 years; which sign in most building design codes since the early s, the extra is more than the design life of 50 years Bettigole As longevity is a desired sustainability attribute, struc- Cole, R. Build- tural solutions need to be formulated to enhance it. The aspect of ing and Environment, 31 4 : — An environmental comparison of bridge forms.

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Danatzko, J. Sustainable structural design methodologies. Conclusions Growing concern for sustainability Ellingwood, B.

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Displacement- and performance-based seismic design for sus- these systems for not fully capturing structural engineers' role. Frank, D. Attaining even the highest LEED org. Accessed 23 February Architectural and Structural Bamboo for Sustainable Construc- tion. Matthiessen, L. Structural engineers are continuously involved with buildings Database-and-Budgeting-Methodology. Survey on actual service lives for North American buildings. The share of responsibility given to structural engineers in the O'Rourke, T.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Design

Web seminar. LEED rating systems is roughly proportional to the share of Pielkem, R. This implies that the importance of struc- Structural robustness and resilience, structural adaptability Taghavi, S. Response Assessment of Nonstructural Build- and reuse, and structural durability considerations can have ing Elements. The value of structural engineering to sustainable construction, London, UK.


Bettigole, N. Designing bridge decks to match bridge life expectancy.

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  5. Edited by G. Maupin, Jr. Brown, and A. Building Design and Construction, Version 3. CHF Buy. Life cycle A standard is reviewed every 5 years 00 Preliminary.

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    Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval. Proof sent to secretariat or FDIS ballot initiated: 8 weeks. Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat.

    Andrew Minson appointed Concrete & Sustainable Construction Director for GCCA : GCCA

    He has led the Concrete Industry Sustainable Construction Strategy for the UK since — a strategy that encompasses the whole life of the material from sourcing constituents to beyond project demolition. He worked for global engineering consultant Arup for ten years before joining the Concrete Centre. We are excited to have Andrew take on this leading role in our organisation. Concrete as a material is so versatile and has such a range of inherent performance benefits that it can be used by the construction industry to deliver great projects.

    I look forward to bringing together best practice from around the world with the latest thinking to show how concrete can lead to the best sustainable outcomes for society.

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