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Celestial Body. Christmas Lights.

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Departing Geese. Early Spring. Early Summer. February Kukai. February Kukai Results.


Feeding Birds. Fire Escape. First Snow. Harvest Moon. Ice Cream. Indian Summer. January Kukai.

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January Kukai Results. July Kukai. June Kukai. June Table. Kiyose - Collection of Season Words in Japan. Last Bus. March Kukai. March Results. May Kukai. May Results. Memorial Pages. Migratory Birds. New Snow. New Year. November Kukai. November Kukai Results. October Kukai. Pine evergreean. Previous Kukai Themes. Pussy Willow. Red Peppers. September Kukai. Shooting Star. Sleepless Night. South Wind. Spring Break. Spring Flower. Spring Moon. Spring Rain. Spring Sky. Spring Snow. Spring Sun. Spring Thunder. Street Light.

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Streetlight 2nd. Strewn Leaves. Summer for a greeting card. Summer Heat. Tree Frog. Winter Clouds. Winter Evening. Winter Rain. Winter Solstice. Winter Sun. Winter Tree. Yellow Leaves. Current Kukai - Voting Phase. Then we shall buy a book and celebrate in a more traditional, alcohol-fuelled way! He provided an insight into the benefits of the publication, and how it has been a vital stepping stone for new writers.

Poetry needs nothing but itself. Unobtrusively undercut with feeling, this is a debut written with verve and commitment. Reddick is currently the editor of Magma Issue The event was a enormously entertaining, promising and enriching experience, especially in terms highlighting a number of opportunities available to emerging writers. I accused my dad of working for a polluting industry.

The next Laureate, whomever they are, have some enormous shoes to fill. Enormous applause followed, as the beaming audience moved quickly to purchase an anthology and speak with the poets. I think the writing is a messy process really, it comes out in splurged drafts. You want to do it justice. Is there ever a final version?

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