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The anatomical sites that are viewed are the lateral vertebral bodies from T4 to L4. General Region of Interest option, which is sometimes referred to as subregions, provides the ability to use a nonstandard region of interest to analyze a scan.

This feature is available for spine, hip and forearm scan types but not for supine lateral scans. In addition to the routine scans listed above, we can design very specific protocols for scanning and analyzing both whole body and specific sites for mice, rats, pigs, primates, etc. We can also design protocols for analyzing excised bones of mice, rats, pigs, primates, cadaver, etc. Research rates are available. Bone Densitometry Services for Research Investigators. Our densitometry equipment and how it works. Scan sites available. Lumbar spine The spine consists of a number of vertebrae categorized as cervical upper column , thoracic mid column , lumbar mid to lower column , and sacrum and coccyx at the end.


We also have the ability to provide bone density results for a Scoliotic Spine. Low Density Spine option is available for patients with very low bone density. The Femoral Neck region contains both cortical and trabecular bone and provides an easily reproducible area in the hip for DXA scanning. The analysis is completed by placing a specific region at the anatomical landmark.

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That landmark, called the "greater trochanter notch" permits reproducibility for longitudinal scanning. The Trochanter is a triangular region rich in trabecular bone whose boundaries are the lateral edge of the femur and the inferior edge of the neck box and the solid line where the edge of the femur changes curvature below the trochanter. The Inter-Trochanteric region is below the Femoral Neck. The Ward's Triangle is a small box approximately 1cm x 1cm at the area of minimum density in the femoral neck region. The anatomical areas analyzed are: head left arm right arm left rib right rib thoracic spine lateral spine pelvis left leg right leg The subregions analyzed include all of the above except the head.

Infant Whole Body option allows the acquisition, display and analysis of infants. This is available for patients weighing 18 pounds or more. Small Animal option provides the ability to perform two types of small animal measurements: Whole body bone mineral and body composition measurements in rats. Campus Box , St. Calendar Home Combined Biomechanics Labs. Avioli Musculoskeletal Series Journal Club. Center for Musculoskeletal Research. Clinical Practice Residency.

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