Dry Etching Technology for Semiconductors

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Overview Locations. This etching method is very attractive because the etching behavior can be controlled well: The process provides excellent control of uniformity, etching profiles, etching rates and selectivity, and both isotropic, i.

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When combined with special masks, reactive ion etching is the method of choice for generating structures for micro- and nano-system technology. Reactive ion etching is primarily used as a micro-structuring process in the semiconductor industry.

Line seires and as a component of cluster tools for processing wafers the FHR. Star series. However, a native oxide layer covers all aluminum films. Pure Cl 2 does not etch this oxide, so BCl 3 is added to increase the amount of sputtering and to scavenge the oxygen in the aluminum oxide layer. An important consideration in aluminum etching is moisture contamination.

The Etching Process

For this reason, as well as safety considerations, a vacuum load-lock is highly recommended for this application. During etching volatile Silicon halogenides are formed.

Plasma Etcher

Compound semiconductors. Sometimes BCl 3 is added in order to increase anisotropy. Also SiCl 4 can be used as an etchant for those materials. Indium compound semiconductors Because Indium halogenides are not very volatile, for those materials methane can be used, forming volatile Trimethylindium. This reaction works also for other III-V-materials. The main problem with alkane plasmas is the formation of polymer depositions on the wafer.

This problem can be avoided or minimized by the addition of hydrogen.

Dry etching - Wikipedia

Also the addition of heavy atoms like Argon can delay the onset of polymers. All machines are available as standard RIE reactive ion etcher , with ICP inductive coupled plasma generator or in triode configuration. SNTEK manufacturers various versions of its plasma etchers for many applications in production and research, for manual loading and for automatic loading.

Plasma Etcher for dry etching of dielectric and semiconductor layers. Crystec Technology Trading GmbH will be pleased to further discuss details with you.