Srimad Bhagavad Gita: English Translation of Sri Sankaracharyas Sanskrit Commentary

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The fourteen disciples who were with the Master then are believed to have added one verse each. There is a story attached to the composition of this Hymn. One will develop love and devotion for Lord Siva if he is freed from egoism. Chariyai : The worship of the all-pervading, eternal Supreme Being through external forms, is called Chariyai.

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The requisite initiation for this, is Samaya Diksha. First of the four-fold means of attaining salvation, which consists in worshipping God-in-form in a temple.


Kiriyai is to perform Puja, Archanas. The worship of the cosmic form of the Eternal Ruler of the universe externally and internally, is called Kiriyai. For Kiriyai and Yoga, the requisite initiation is called Visesha Diksha. Yoga is restraint of the senses and contemplation on the internal light. The internal worship of Him as formless, is called Yoga.

Jnana is to understand the true significance of Pati, Pasu, Pasa and to become one with Siva by constant meditation on Him after removing the three Malas, viz. The initiation that leads to it, is called Nirvana Diksha.

Bhagavad Gita - Shankara's Commentary Explained (Set of 2 Volumes)

Path of wisdom which consists in the realization of God as transcending form. The crossing of this Endless ocean of samsara is enabled by the boat that is sincere devotion to Guru Showing me the way to the valuable dominion of renunciation, O dear Guru, I bow to thy holy sandals. Like a full moon for the ocean of the Knowledge, Like down pour of water to put out the fire of misfortunes, Removing the various distresses of those who surrender to them, O dear Gurudev, I bow to thy holy sandals.

Those who prostrate to the blessed padukas of their Guru become possessors of great wealth and overcome the curse of their poverty very quickly. To such padukas my infinite prostrations.

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Attracting us to the Lotus-like feet of our Guru, removing all kinds of desires borne out of ignorance, fulfilling all the desires of the disciple who bows humbly To such padukas I humbly offer my obeisance. Shining like a precious stone adorning the crown of a king They stand out like a beautiful damsel in a river infested with crocodiles They raise the devotees to the state of sovereign emperors, To such padukas I humbly offer my obeisance. Shining radiantly like the Sun, effacing the endless darkness of the disciples sins, Like an eagle for the snake like three-fold pains of Samsara like a conflagration of fire whose heat dries away the ocean of ignorance To such supreme padukas of my Gurudev, I humbly surrender.

They endow us with the glorious six qualities like Shama, They vow to bless the intiated ones with the ability to go into samadhi.

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Blessing the devotees with permanent devotion for the feet of Lord Vishnu Ramaadhava To such divine padukas I offer my prayers. Fulfilling all the wishes of the disciples, Who are ever-available and dedicated for Sewa, Awakening the sincere aspirants to the divine state of self realization, Again and again prostrate to those Padukas of my Poojya Gurudev. They are like an eagle for all the serpants of desires, Blessing us with the valuable treasure of discrimination and renunciation, Granting us the knowledge to get instant liberation from the shackles of the life, My prostrations to those holy Padukas of my Guru.

He whom the Saivas worship as Siva; the Vedantins as the Absolute Brahman ; the Buddhists as Lord Buddha; the logicians, the experts in the theory of knowledge, as the Creator; those following the teachings of Jaina as the Arhat and the ritualists as the Sacrifice; may that Hari, the Lord of the three worlds, give you the desired object. I worship the great Rishi Vyasa, who is called Krishna-dvaipayana, who is worshipped by gods, men and Asuras alike, who is the form of Vishnu, who is like the light of the rising sun to the darkness of the impurities of the age of Kali, who belongs to the family of Vasishtha, who divided the Vedas into different sections, who is the seed of Dharma, who wrote the Puranas, the Brahma Sutras, the Mahabharata and the Smriti.

I contemplate on Sankaracharya, who is seated in Padmasana, who is tranquil, who is established in self-restraint, whose glory is like that of the enemy of Cupid, who wears the sacred ashes shining on his forehead, whose smiling face resembles the blossomed lotus, who has lotus-like eyes, whose neck is conch-like, holding book in one hand and indicating Jnana-mudra with another hand , who is adored by the foremost of gods, who gives boons to those who prostrate to him.

Books by Adi Shankaracharya (Author of Shankara's Crest Jewel of Discrimination)

Thou hast revealed the treasure of the meaning of the great Upanishads. O ocean of mercy! Protect me who am afflicted sorely by the pains of Samsara; Thou hast expounded the truth of the various schools of philosophy, O Sankara Desika, be Thou my refuge. By Thee the humanity has attained happiness. Thou art endowed with a fine intellect reflecting Self-knowledge. Remove the great ocean of delusion in me, O Sankara, be Thou my refuge. It is through various meritorious actions done by me for a long time that I have got in me a love for the vision of Thy Lotus Feet. Protect this humble self, O Sankara, be Thou my refuge.

For the redemption of mankind great souls like Thy Self move about from place to place. Thou seemst to me like the pure and resplendent sun, O Sankara, be Thou my refuge. O best of Gurus, O Lord Siva!

It is impossible for anyone to gauge Thy mental poise. O Protector of the refugees! O Repository of Knowledge! O Sankara, be Thou my refuge. I have not been able to find any treasure worthy of possession except Thee, O Preceptor!

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So are the two annual residential programmes each lasting a week. He also runs a busy lecture schedule outside the ashram. He has authored several books, beginning with short explanations of concepts and leading to commentaries on the works of great Gurus like Shankara. He has been several titles and prizes by many organizations. Books Hindu Bhagavad Look Inside The Book. About the Authors Swami Chidanadapuri i About the Book Bhagavad Gita is the quintessence of ancient Indian thought.

About the Authors Swami Chidanadapuri is a renuciate, having been called to the order in , after years of study. Price: Euro Viewed times since 28th Jul, Ask a Question. Based on your browsing history. Please wait. Ethics of Sankara. As usual I love your merchandise!!! You have a fine selection of books on Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. I am so very grateful for the many outstanding and interesting books you have on offer.

Appreciate your interest in selling the Vedantic books, including some rare books. Thanks for your service. I received my order today, very happy with the purchase and thank you very much for the lord shiva greetings card.

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